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Each MasterGraff Métiers d’Art Graffiti micro-painted dial displays at least 10 unique hues, hand-mixed to create the perfect finish. #graffdiamonds #baselworld2018

Introducing MasterGraff Métiers d’Art Graffiti: a celebration of street art, re-interpreted in a vibrant and richly detailed dial. #graffdiamonds #baselworld2018

Our new 91 carat cushion and radiant cut diamond necklace, displaying extraordinary colour and blazing scintillation at #baselworld2018 this week.

Our audacious, highly sculptural earrings are making a statement this week at #Baselworld2018. #graffdiamonds

The world’s most celebrated yellow diamonds, on display this week at #baselworld2018 #graffdiamonds

A kinetic kaleidoscope...discover the enchanting Graff Floral. #graffdiamonds #baselworld2018

Created using an ancient and challenging technique, the flowers on every Graff Floral are unique to each dial, and require up to fifty hours to complete. #graffdiamonds #baselworld2018 #grafffloral

Introducing Graff Floral. Enamel painting, micro-painting and intricate diamond setting within one extraordinary timepiece. #baselworld2018 #graffdiamonds

Miniature Masterpieces: extraordinary innovations unveiled at #baselworld2018 today. #graffdiamonds

Driving innovation: extraordinary new creations revealed at #baselworld2018 #graffdiamonds

New launches and imaginative innovations...the countdown to #BaselWorld2018 has begun. #graffdiamonds

A bold statement of beauty - introducing our new 12.50 carat emerald and baguette cut diamond ring. #graffdiamonds

Timeless emerald cut elegance. #graffdiamonds

New from the workshop, an eye-catching 6 carat round diamond and emerald cut ring. #graffdiamonds

The eternal allure of the Graff emerald cut. #graffdiamonds

Set on elegant diamond swan hooks, our eternally classic emerald cut diamond earrings draw the eye with their uniquely angular proportions. #graffdiamonds

The Graff emerald cut creates a mirror-like surface that magnifies a diamond’s personality and maximises its beauty. #graffdiamonds

Our 16.88 carat Internally Flawless Fancy Intense Pink emerald cut diamond is a once in a lifetime discovery, demonstrating magnificent colour and clarity. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #pinkdiamond

An alluring and rare beauty – our sensational 16.88 carat Fancy Intense Pink Internally Flawless Emerald cut diamond ring. #graffdiamonds #pinkdiamonds

Join us and our muse @sarasampaio, in celebration of all the wonderful and inspirational women of the world. #womensday #internationalwomensday #graffdiamonds

A precise art The long, smooth facets of the emerald cut leave no room for error – especially within this breathtaking 35 carat D Flawless diamond ring. Achieving the optimal play of light between each facets requires mathematical precision on the part of Graff’s cutters and polishers. #graffdiamonds #greenlady

A test of talent Obtaining two perfectly identical emerald cut diamonds from the same stone was a complex and potentially risky operation, however, Graff’s gem-cutters achieved an historic feat – two D Flawless 50 carat diamonds of perfect symmetry, alive with fire and radiance. #graffdiamonds #greenlady #eternaltwins

An unprecedented opportunity From a 269 carat rough diamond uncovered in Botswana, Graff’s gemologists created something truly remarkable. The Eternal Twins – a mirror-perfect set of D Flawless diamonds, each an astonishing 50 carats. #graffdiamonds #greenlady #eternaltwins

Rare and extraordinary jewels, exceptional craftsmanship and flawless natural beauty - @sarasampaio is the Graff Green Lady #greenlady #graffdiamonds @thestylecouncilparis

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