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Nature’s riches: our gemologists spend many months sourcing the finest, most vibrant emeralds in the world for our one of a kind rings. . . 9 carat emerald cut Old Mine Colombian emerald and diamond ring. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry #emeraldring

A verdant vision: introducing our mesmerising bracelet set with a magnificent 22.84 carat cabochon Colombian emerald. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

A perennial source of inspiration at Graff, flowers are captured in clusters of pear shape diamonds that display immaculate symmetry, proportion and scintillation. . . Abstract diamond earrings (14.63cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Our Carissa hoop earrings are a blossoming tribute to the captivating flowers that grow in abundance at the @delairegraff Estate in South Africa. #graffdiamonds #delairegraff #finejewlery

The fragrant beauty of a flower, captured for eternity in our Abstract earrings. Pear shape diamonds, available in an array of scintillating carat weights, form the delicate petals. . . Abstract diamond earrings (23.07cts) Small Abstract diamond earrings (4.66cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Suspended in space: an enchanting pear shape diamond forms the luminous centerpiece in our Bombé Luna earrings. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Bombé brilliance: the contemporary domed tear drop silhouette set with scintillating round diamonds exhibits a hypnotic play of light. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Discover the Graff Bombé family of jewels, united by three-dimensional curves, sculptural volume and magnificent drama. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Artistic Wonder: designed and crafted in our London workshop, our one-of-a-kind emerald creations can be found in our stores worldwide. . . Emerald and diamond cocktail ring featuring a 12.78 carat sugar loaf cabochon emerald (102cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Our artisanal jewels are celebrated for their intuitive, fluid movement, allowing them to harmonise with the body. . . Emerald and diamond Bow necklace (Emeralds 124cts, Diamonds 59cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

The Artist's Way: our design team draw inspiration from each individual stone, guided by their innate personality and qualities. . . Diamond earrings (16.34cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Using only the most exceptional gemstones, our creations stir the senses and inspire contemplation. . . 21 carat emerald cut emerald ring. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry #highjewelry #emeraldring

Like brushstrokes on canvas, our jewels have a life and rhythm of their own. The essence of contemporary classicism, each is a modern masterpiece. . . White Baguette Diamond Hoop Earrings (29.20cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Only an artist can sew together diamonds so seamlessly that they cover every curve of a jewel. . . . White Baguette And Round Diamond Hoop Earrings (39.98cts) #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #finejewelry

The gems are the heroes in our stone-led designs. Chosen for their unrivalled colour and radiant personalities, we work with a palette of only the most prized hues. . . . 4.83 carat oval untreated green tsavorite ring set with white baguette and tsavorite swirl surround. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry #highjewelry

Our designers take the simplest of jewels and turn them into something artistically and technically astonishing. . . . Pearshape, Baguette and Round Diamond Pavé Layered Hoop Earrings (30.57cts) #graffdiamonds #finejewelry #highjewelry

Our jewels can be likened to the greatest artworks – masterpieces that take the inherent beauty of the finest diamonds and gemstones, transformed into something unmistakably original. ——————————————————— 32.22 carat cushion cut sapphire and diamond ring. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #finejewelry

With a depth of just 6.95mm, the MasterGraff Metiers d’Art Dragon is a svelte timepiece housing a tourbillon movement. #graffdiamonds

The MasterGraff Metiers d’Art Dragon presents a modern interpretation of the beast, holding a magnificent ball of fire and a complication in his claws. #graffdiamonds

New for 2018: MasterGraff Metiers d’Art Dragon. A powerful, emotive symbol with great historical significance and heritage. #graffdiamonds

Our new art-inspired jewels mirror the flow of paint on canvas, with painstakingly hand-set baguette cut diamonds set invisibly, forming a seamless swirls of gems. #graffdiamonds #baselworld2018

Perfect pear shapes and captivating blooms - fabulous new creations on display at #baselworld2018. #graffdiamonds

Unveiled at #BaselWorld2018: a new collection of Foliage jewels, celebrating the eternally intertwined relationship between music and creativity. #graffdiamonds

Pinnacle of precision: the decal detailing and double-axis tourbillon on our GyroGraff Drive Métiers d’Art dials, unveiled at #BaselWorld2018.

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