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The Graff pear shape silhouette has been perfected over decades by our master craftsmen in order to achieve immaculate symmetry, perfect balance and unrivalled scintillation. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

A magnificent example of a Graff emerald cut - a striking and sculptural D colour diamond. #finejewelry #graffdiamonds

Embraced by a hypnotic halo of heart shapes, this fabulous D colour round brilliant cut diamond is a true Graff masterpiece. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

The deep, enchanting Fancy Vivid Yellow hue of a 5 carat round diamond, beautifully complemented by a halo of heart shape white diamonds. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry #yellowdiamond

Brilliance in Bloom. Our beautiful new stud earrings feature two extraordinarily vibrant Vivid Yellow diamonds. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

“We are known for the world’s most celebrated yellow diamonds.” - Laurence Graff #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

С Рождеством The House of Graff wishes you a fabulous Christmas Day! #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

A graceful new necklace, beautifully articulated to sit elegantly upon the décolletage. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Meet a masterpiece - our double row diamond necklace, showcasing over 153 carats of magnificent diamonds. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Lose yourself in the depths of our 14 carat Old Mine Colombian emerald and diamond ring - a magnificent Graff jewel. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

Discover the irresistible seduction of our new emerald cut bracelet, featuring 38 carats of diamonds and 29 carats of spellbinding emeralds. #graffdiamonds #finejewelry

The House of Graff wishes you a fabulous 2018! #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Happy New Year from all of us at Graff!#graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Add sparkle to your new year with our spectacular new necklace – showcasing over 50 carats of pear shape and round brilliant cut diamonds. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

At Graff we are getting ready for a fabulous new year with this stunning pair of new earrings, just released from our workshop. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Wishing your Yuletide dreams come true, with best wishes from all at Graff.

Wishing you a fabulous festive season from the House of Graff.

A joyful celebration of festive flowers brought to life in richly hued rubies, featuring over 27 carats of diamonds and 53 carats of rubies. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Sculptural and striking: our contemporary cuff featuring over 49 carats of the finest diamonds. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Classic Graff diamond rings showcase the most fabulous jewels in the world.

Introducing our most recent acquisition: the spectacular 476 carat Meya Prosperity diamond, the 5th largest rough stone ever unearthed in Sierra Leone. #graffdiamonds

Introducing our sapphire and diamond statement earrings - a modern design featuring a magnificent array of over 47 carats of vibrant sapphires and 52 carats of diamonds. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Be enchanted by our contemporary statement earrings, featuring 47 carats of opulent emeralds beautifully contrasted with 46 carats of scintillating diamonds. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

A winter treasure - our magnificent statement earrings radiate with 65 carats of sheer fire and brilliance. #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

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