Art Inspired Jewellery Collection

New Art-Inspired Jewels are Modern Masterpieces

Among the world’s foremost collectors of modern art, Laurence Graff’s enduring love of the 20th century art scene has inspired a poetic new jewellery collection. Mirroring the flow of paint on canvas, seamless swirls flow playfully from one gemstone to the next.

The calligraphic artworks of the American artist Cy Twombly and other artists in his oeuvre, such as Christopher Wool, formed the starting point for our designers, who have created a collection of contemporary masterpieces where the spontaneity of the gesture – the impromptu line animating the pieces – is painted in scintillating gemstones.

Our master mounters have set diamonds and baguette cut rubies invisibly so that free-flowing forms daubed on vast canvases become never-ending spirals of gems that encircle the neck, cascade downwards from the ear lobe and embrace the finger.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our classic yet imaginative design aesthetic is perfectly captured in these extravagantly precious doodles, which, like the finest art, inspire quiet contemplation.

Diamond Earrings

17.12 cts

Inspired by the world of modern art, free-flowing loops spiral sensationally downwards, illuminated by a further 9.08 carats of round and invisibly set baguette cut diamonds.


Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Rubies 49.21cts


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