The House of Graff

July 2018

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Graff lights up Couture Week

in the heart of Paris
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Making of a Masterpiece

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Foliage Collection

Celebrates Music and Creativity
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Bathed in Brilliance

SENSATIONAL Summer shades
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Art-inspired Collection

Modern Masterpieces
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New from the workshop

A splash of sensational colour and clarity.

Immerse yourself in the blazing beauty of yellow diamonds at Graff stores worldwide.

Artful, opulent and powerfully feminine. . #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #yellowdiamond

Like the greatest art, showstopping jewels provoke powerful emotions. • Sapphire and diamond Abstract earrings (Sapphires 47cts, Diamonds 52cts) • 32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire ring • #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #sapphirering

Exquisite balance, proportion and majesty. • 32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire ring (Diamonds 7cts) #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #sapphirering

Abstract artistry captured in striking silhouettes. . #graffdiamonds #highjewelry #sapphirering

Works of art for the wrist. • Graff Mini Deco Watch, Emerald and Diamond on a Multishape Emerald and Diamond Bracelet #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Our gemologists spend many months sourcing only the very best gemstones for each new emerald jewellery creation. • 13.29 carat carved emerald ring #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

A display of one of a kind treasures. • 9.69 carat Cabochon Emerald Ring With White Heart Shape Diamond Shoulders #highjewelry #pariscoutureweek #graffdiamonds

Striking originality. • Diamond hoop earrings (29.20cts) . Emerald cut and baguette cut diamond ring (12.65cts) #graffdiamonds #highjewelry

Our designers take the simplest of jewels and turn them into something artistically astonishing. • Pearshape, Baguette and Round Diamond Pavé Layered Hoop Earrings (30.57cts) #graffdiamonds #pariscoutureweek #highjewelry

Express yourself in arrestingly original diamond designs. • Diamond hoop earrings (29.20cts) . Emerald cut and baguette cut diamond ring (12.65cts)

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