The Lesedi La Rona

The world’s largest rough diamond, 1,109CTS

The Lesedi La Rona is a natural phenomenon that is beyond words: the largest stone discovered in over 100 years and the second largest in history, with spellbinding inner light and astonishing purity, weighing a magnificent 1,109cts. Directed by our renowned team of gemologists and master cutters and polishers, this historic stone is about to begin its miraculous cutting and polishing transformation.

A Miracle Discovered

We added this unprecedented treasure to our illustrious roster of historic diamonds in 2017. Estimated to be 2.5-3 billion years old, the Lesedi La Rona was unearthed in the Lucara Karowe mine; its name meaning “Our Light” in the Tswana language of Botswana.

“This is the first time in over 100 years that someone has had the opportunity to cut such a magnificent stone. This is a once in a lifetime moment, a dream come true”

Laurence Graff

The lesedi la rona rough diamond

The Journey So Far

After a year of negotiations, Laurence Graff succeeded in acquiring the staggeringly rare Lesedi La Rona. Initial assessments have suggested that the stone has the potential to yield D colour, Type IIa diamonds – the purest of all diamonds, displaying bewitching clarity and extraordinary scintillation.

Laurence Graff holding famous diamonds

Fateful Guardianship

We were destined to become the custodian of this extraordinary stone – it follows in a long line of record-breaking Graff diamonds. Our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team have worked on the majority of the world’s largest diamonds discovered this century.

a graff diamond under analysis

Infinite possibilities

Our expert artisans are now journeying deep within the stone, looking with their eyes, loupes and microscopes to explore every millimetre of its core, reading its unique inner script.The cutting and polishing of this stone will be a monumental achievement for Graff, and for diamond history.

“This stone will give us a collection of diamonds like no other – they will be among the most valuable diamonds ever created.”

Laurence Graff

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