A Guide to Diamond Shapes

Selecting your perfect cut

The shape of each diamond defines its character. The silhouette of the stone and the pattern of its facets determine how it interacts with light and the nature of its beauty. At Graff, we are delighted to help you select the shape that resonates perfectly with you and captures your imagination.

a close up view of a lady's hand wearing a Graff round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

Round Brilliant

A round brilliant diamond is a classic cut, featuring a total of 58 or 57 individually hand-crafted facets, which reflect light beautifully from every angle.

a close up view of a lady's hand wearing a Graff emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Emerald Cut

Rectangular or square, with bevelled corners, this cut demands a diamond of the very highest quality. The large plane at the top of an emerald cut stone exposes even the smallest of flaws, however, with the right diamond, the effect created by the cut’s long, clear facets is mesmerising.

a close up view of a lady's hand wearing a Graff heart shape diamond engagement ring

Heart Shape

Heart shape diamonds are an iconic expression of romantic love. The cut demands perfect symmetry in both rounded wings, and exceptional expertise in creating the cleft. Regardless of size, a heart shape stone will always have 59 facets, and be identical in length across its widest point and from cleft to tip.

a close up view of a lady's hand wearing a Graff pear shape diamond engagement ring

Pear Shape

The unusual, asymmetric silhouette of a pear shape diamond makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a ring with character and sophistication. It is an especially flattering cut for smaller hands as its teardrop silhouette makes the fingers appear longer.

a close up view of a lady's hand wearing a Graff oval shape diamond engagement ring


A variant of the round brilliant, an oval shaped stone offers a perfect balance of enchanting scintillation and contemporary style. The cut is a relatively recent addition to the diamond cutter’s repertoire, and has become a favoured option among those with petite hands. The elongated shape is beautifully accentuated by companion stones.

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