The Graff Difference

Every diamond engagement ring relies on stone-led craftsmanship, meaning it is created by hand to cradle a diamond’s unique silhouette. Each stone is a precious gift from Mother Nature and Graff respects and honours the subtle nuances that make a diamond unique – this is the Graff Difference.


It is often said that Laurence Graff has handled more diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction than any other jeweller of our time – indeed, possibly of any time. These are the rare stones that include both noble historic jewels and astonishing new discoveries, destined to be the famous diamonds of the future – each with its very own tale of mystery and mystique.


Graff’s highly skilled design team is experienced in created stone-led jewellery pieces, incorporating many of the most valuable and treasured diamonds uncovered this century. To begin, the natural beauty of the diamond or precious gemstone is considered; its brilliance, every contour and facet is closely studied, ensuring the secrets hidden beneath its luminous depths are captured forever.


Wedding bands are a powerful and romantic gesture of eternal love, a circle of everlasting partnership represented in the simplicity of a beautiful diamond ring.

Graff wedding bands are available in an array of cuts and carat weights, each one featuring the finest diamonds individually set by Master Craftsmen. Once complete, every surface is expertly polished to perfection, maximising the reflection of light through each and every facet.


Modern and classic, graceful and feminine, Graff’s collection of wedding jewellery is available in an array of elegant designs.

Exquisite necklaces, pendants, bracelets, tiaras, Alice bands and earrings incorporate stones hand-selected by Senior Gemmologists with many years of experience. Every diamond is then meticulously positioned within its minimal platinum setting to perfectly showcase its breathtaking brilliance.