Graff unveils The Eternal Twins

4th August 2016

A magnificent pair of 50.23-carat D Flawless emerald-cut diamonds have been cut from a 269-carat rough diamond sourced from the Lucara Karowe mine in Botswana.

To cut and polish two stones to the exact same size and weight is incredibly challenging and, of course, to produce two D Flawless emerald cuts exceeding 50 carats from the same rough is extraordinarily rare.

Graff’s master craftsmen and design team have combined true artistry with breathtaking luminosity in the creation of these beautiful jewels. The emerald cut showcases a masterly play of light between the facets of the stone, however, as an emerald cut has fewer facets than a round brilliant cut the visibility of flaws is increased. This means the highest clarity is required – as found in these spectacular jewels.

The Eternal Twins have now been set in a pair of earrings incorporating a total of 132.53 carats of exceptional diamonds.