Graff in Paris

4th August 2016

The first Graff store in Paris was opened in Place Vendôme in June 2016. Located next door to the Ritz Paris, the new store will become an integral part of one of the most famous destinations in the world. Home to many of the city’s most venerable jewellery houses, the eminent district is synonymous with luxury.

The store design incorporates a new concept for Graff, referencing the glamour and palatial aesthetic of 18th-century Paris and the finely landscaped gardens in vogue during that period.

The colour palette is feminine and verdant, featuring French limestone and grey damier floors, and floor-to-ceiling arched mirrors drawing in light and reflecting the green hues of the interior.

The walls are luxuriously panelled in bespoke pale green gaufraged velvet featuring the Graff Icon, while to the rear of the store original hand-painted marble pillars have been sensitively restored.

Marking the opening of this new store, Graff unveiled the Graff Vendôme watch collection and the 105.07-carat pear shape Graff Vendôme diamond.