Fabulous Diamonds: Graff Unveils its New Women’s Watch Collection

19th March 2015

2015 sees the launch of four exquisite new women’s Graff Luxury Watch collections, combining the craft and skill of the House’s gem-setting experience with the finest Swiss watchmaking.


The Floral Tourbillon

The Floral Tourbillon is a remarkable piece of engineering, resulting from the close collaboration between Graff’s atelier in London and Graff Luxury Watches in Geneva. Reflecting Graff’s continued investment in haute horology and drawing powerful inspiration from nature, this is its first ladies timepiece powered by a tourbillon calibre. The tourbillon cage displays an intricate framework, representing a floral outline. Three flowers in full bloom, positioned at 8, 9 and 12 o’clock are embodied by beautiful marquise diamonds set by Graff’s Master Craftsmen, which individually rotate following the beat of the movement. Delicate galvanic blue treated hour and minute hands, shaped as two petals, blossom from a rodium-plated brass stem at 4 o’clock.


The Disco Butterfly

Throughout history Graff has drawn on the elegance and grace of a butterfly, celebrating its beauty by incorporating these distinctive creatures into scintillating jewels which in turn inspired the renowned Butterfly Watch collection. The now iconic, ladies watch depicts the silhouette of a butterfly mid-flight, with its delicate wings captured in the form of marquise and pear shape jewels, hovering above an intricate mosaic of diamonds or gemstones. Continuing the global success of the timepiece, a new evolution featuring swirling butterflies above a pavé dial adds the ultimate element of intrigue to the innovative watch design. As the wearer’s wrist moves a kaleidoscope of ruby, emerald, sapphire or diamond butterflies circle hypnotically, powered by an inner rotor.


The Graff Icon Watch

The Graff Icon draw inspiration from a renowned $1million ‘Hair and Jewel’ coiffure, created by Laurence Graff in 1970. This piece created an aura of myth and excitement around the jewels crafted by Graff Diamonds, which continues to this day. Represented alone or within a repeatable pattern, the striking motif can be seen throughout Graff’s store interiors, within a beautiful jewellery collection and as a notable design feature appearing throughout Graff’s luxury watch collections. This new watch collection celebrates the iconic outline further through a dedicated new series, featuring eight symmetrical Icon silhouettes, decorated with pavé diamonds and juxtaposed with an array of colourful gemstones or scintillating diamonds.


The Halo Watch

The Halo watch collection showcases beautiful clusters of the finest gemstones within a selection of innovative new designs. Vivid domes of diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds form opulent spheres of scintillation, creating a powerful impact and celebration of diamond and gemstone design. The Graff way is to craft minimal settings, which cradle a gemstone perfectly ensuring its natural beauty is showcased. The Halo 25mm features a delicate pavé diamond dial encompassed by a circle of vibrant gemstones or diamonds. A delicate line of pavé diamonds trace the geometric outline of the Graff Icon motif on the dial of the Halo 36mm complemented by either a satin or colour matched crocodile strap. The collection is extended to include a captivating Secret Watch and Secret Ring Watch incorporating an innovative element of surprise and intrigue.