A Rare Jewel is Unveiled: The Golden Empress

14th August 2015

Graff has unveiled its latest masterpiece – a 132.55 carat, Fancy Intense Yellow cushion cut diamond, The Golden Empress at its annual Rare Jewels Exhibition at Hotel de Paris on Place du Casino.

Graffiti magazine’s summer 2015 cover star, The Golden Empress was cut and polished by Graff’s expert team from a 299 carat rough uncovered at the Letšeng mine in Lesotho. The stone was carefully studied by a team of Senior Gemmologists over many months, who carefully assessed the risks involved before the first cut was made.

It was at this point that its distinct personality was revealed – inextricably feminine, intensely warm, a molten-like glow, which radiates from the very core of this majestic jewel.

The Golden Empress is on display at Graff’s Rare Jewels Exhibition until Sunday 23rd August.

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