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    Discover the rarest and most treasured one-of-a-kind jewels within our collection.

  • Unveiling the Graff Venus Diamond

    Our latest creations unveiled. Discover watch collections and bespoke timepieces of meticulous detail and unrivalled beauty.

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    It is said that more important diamonds have passed through the House of Graff than any other jeweller in the world.


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    Graff is involved at every stage of a stone’s remarkable journey. From its sourcing, design, cutting and polishing to its final setting – Graff’s expertise are legendary.

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    Graff sets unsurpassed standards of excellence and innovation within the world of high jewellery.  It is said that more important diamonds have passed through the House of Graff than any other jeweller.



    Graff creations perfectly balance a gem’s beauty and rarity, with distinctive style and virtuoso craftsmanship.


    Graff is home to the most fabulous jewels in the world, a House in which to discover gems of rarity, perfection and unrivalled beauty.

    For centuries, the diamond ring has been a powerful symbol of enduring love and everlasting commitment. We take great pride in knowing that these gems of eternal beauty will be passed down the generations, building their own stories along the way.


    Graff’s distinctive luxury watches are inspired by the facets of a perfectly cut diamond.  Crafted in Geneva, these exceptional timepieces meld the highest levels of Swiss horology with Graff’s impeccable gem-setting skills.

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    Graff travels the world throughout the year, showcasing its rare jewels and unique watches at a number of exclusive exhibitions.

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    The world’s most fabulous jewels can be found at Graff stores throughout the world, including London, New York, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Kiev, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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    The definitive account of the history of the House and its most renowned diamonds is told in expert detail in the luxurious Graff coffee table book. Offering a fascinating insight into the world’s most fabulous jewellery, the biannual Graffiti magazine is written exclusively for Graff’s discerning clientele.