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Graffiti Magazine Summer 2013

  • Laurence Graff’s Letter

    Laurence Graff welcome you to the Summer 2013 Issue of Graffiti Magazine.
  • Social Diary

    From Japan to New York -  explore the dazzling Graff events which have taken place this season within this issue's Social pages.
  • News

    The latest News from the world of Graff, including the magnificent Peacock Brooch, the arrival of iconic 'Chinese Girl' painting at Deliare Graff Estate.
  • A Star is Born

    From its origins as a miracle of nature in Lesotho, the 550ct Letseng Star has undergone an incredible journey.  Recovered using state-of-the-art mining techniques; mapped, cut and polished with mastery; then transformed into beautiful jewellery, this special diamond has realised its sublime potential, writes Vivienne Becker.
  • Cutting Edge

    Lucio Fontana created daring new art forms that questioned and challenged convention.  George pendle looks at the remarkable legacy of this unique 20th Century maverick.
  • Exquisite Elegance

    Passionate colour and extraordinary craftsmanship create a ravishing vision in a paradise   - Explore Graff's latest unique jewels.
  • Tokyo Tempo

    To look at Japan today, it is difficult to imagine its 200 years of isolationism up until the 19th Century,  Today, write Rob Goss, the capital is a mélange of ancient and modern, traditional and western, humble and ultra-luxurious.
  • Nature’s Miracle

    Taking inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, scintillating diamonds are expertly crafted in exquisite forms.
  • Botanical Paradise

    The gardens of the Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa's cape winelands are a showcase for world-renowned horticulturalist Keith Kirsten's signature exuberance and creative expertise, writes Catriona Ross.
  • High Time

    Since the launch of Graff Watches 2009, its skilled watchmakers have artfully combined captivating design with mechanical mastery, writes Simon De Burton.  This season's timepieces set even higher standards.
  • Th New Couture

    Couture is usually associated with the French. Now designer Nicholas Oakwell is fighting the good fight for British craftmanship on both sides of the Channel, says Charlie Byrne.
  • Earthly Beauty

    Neudharting moor skin and body care draws on nature's best anti-ageing properties to stop the clock, writes Charlie Byrne.
  • Change for Good

    Disadvantaged people in Lesotho and Botswana tell Maria Yacoob how their lives are being turned around for good, thanks to the work of the FACET Foundation,
  • A Word With…

    Asia Director Arnaud Bastien talks to Joanne Glasbey about Graff's expansion into Asia and the Company's perfect fit with the continent's appetite for luxury goods and appreciation of fine service.
  • The Peacock’s Tale

    Taking pride of place in Graff's collection is a new brooch, the rarity of which is beyond measure, writes Jo Glasbey.
  • Graff Stores Worldwide

    Contact details for all Graff stores worldwide.