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Graffiti Magazine Winter 2012

  • Social Diary

    Northern Glow, Asian Pearl, Summer of Love, Grand Show, Hampton's Hospitality, New York State of Mind, Tempting Taiwan, Night in Nevada & Tokyo Dream.
  • Majestic Heritage

    The finest examples of the World's most precious coloured stones are the stars of Graff's unique jewellery collections.
  • Heart of Darkness

    Arguably Britain's greatest 20th Century artist, Francis Bacon was also probably this countries most troubled - and troubling.  George Pendle examines a painter who looked at humanity and saw horror.
  • Luxury Row

    Bond Street in London has long been associated with beauty, splendour and exclusivity. Robert Ryan recounts a history as colourful as the characters that it has attracted.
  • Way of the Artist

    To be an apprentice to a Master Craftsman at Graff Diamonds is to be part of a tradition that goes back many generations.
  • Autumnal Affinity

    Nature's treasures are bountifully embellished with exquisite craftsmanship and opulent gems.
  • Pure Essence

    Aromatherapy Associates' luxurious products and treatments are a true therapeutic experience, writes Lucy Teasdale.
  • Season of Beauty

    In an enchanted estate, graceful grandeur and languorous elegance are made radiant by the brilliance and fire of wondrous jewels.
  • Venerable Vintage

    Stellenbosch's Delaire Graff Estate unveils the new World-class Laurence Graff reserve, writes Neil Pendock.
  • By the Hour

    Graff's watch collections - Technical, Sport, Dress and Jewellery - combine exquisite jewels, sumptuous details and masterful craftsmanship in perfect harmony, writes Simon de Burton.
  • Gift of Hope

    The FACET Foundation is helping disadvantaged people in Lesotho and Botswana turn their lives around in innovative and promising ways, writes Maria Yacoob.
  • Eternal Wonder

    The new infinity collection is inspired by the celestial beauty and balance of the universe, set with a constellation of rare and radiant stones, writes Jo Glasbey.
  • A Word With…

    Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy talks about Graff's unique design process, which starts with a brainstorm of ideas and harnesses the expertise of a multi-talented team.
  • Graff Stores Worldwide

    Discover Graff stores worldwide.