Graffiti Winter 2012 Launches

18th October 2012

Graff invites you to explore the new issue of its exclusive Graffiti magazine. 

Graffiti magazine provides exclusive insight into the World of Graff – home to the most fabulous jewels.

The new winter issue celebrates the majestic heritage of sapphires, rubies and emeralds, the dark and complex life of artist Francis Bacon and takes the reader on a journey through the intriguing history of Bond Street; home to London’s ‘Luxury Row’ and Graff’s newly redesigned flagship store.

There are also stories about Graff’s other projects, including its charity – FACET– which rebuilds lives in poverty-stricken Lesotho and a word with Graff’s Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy, who provides rare insight into the inspirations behind Graff’s exquisite design process. 


Graffiti Winter 2012 coverGFF_GAW12E_Social_Diary_0_012_937745.pdfMajestic HeritageGFF_GAW12E_Social_Diary_0_012_937745.pdfGFF_GAW12E_Social_Diary_0_012_937745.pdfGFF_GAW12E_Social_Diary_0_012_937745.pdf