Graff Unveils the ‘Icon’ Collection

10th June 2013

Graff Diamonds is proud to unveil its latest collection; The Graff Icon.

The Graff Icon has an enthralling history; having appeared in a number of different forms, the world over, during Graff’s illustrious history.

The delicate lines and flowing curves that form The Graff Icon draw inspiration from a renowned $1million ‘Hair and Jewel’ coiffure, made by Mr Graff in 1970.

This piece created an aura of myth and excitement around the jewels crafted by Graff Diamonds, which continues to this day.

A highly ornate creation of diamonds and gems, it was influenced by the royal hair fashions of 18th century Versailles, which possessed a graceful femininity, qualities reflected in the delicate design of The Graff Icon.

Nevertheless, this is the first time this timeless motif has been incorporated into a jewellery collection.

Each mesmerising piece begins its journey at the hands of Graff’s Master Craftsmen at its London workshop, where every diamond is meticulously set, to perfectly showcase its natural beauty.

Discover the Icon Collection

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