Graff unveils exquisite $100 Million Peacock Brooch

4th April 2013

Graff Diamonds announces the unveiling of a truly unique brooch at internationally renowned exhibition TEFAF, held in Maastricht from 15th – 24th March 2013.

Taking the form of a peacock with a beautiful display of fanned tail feathers, this breathtaking diamond brooch features an exceptional collection of coloured diamonds, brought together in a captivating union.

Exquisite, unique and incomprehensibly rare, a total of 120.81 carats of mesmerising diamonds adorn the brooch, which measures a little over 10cm in height. This incredible piece is priced at $100 million.

At the very heart of the brooch, sits a stunning 20.02 carat fancy deep blue pear shape diamond, one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world. Its impeccable positioning and striking colour make for a truly eye catching and elegant centrepiece.

Surrounding this exceptionally rare stone is an array of white and coloured Graff diamonds – all expertly set by Master Craftsmen at Graff’s London workshop.

The piece also features an ingenious design of an additional clasp to the rear, allowing the blue diamond centerpiece to be removed and worn two ways.

In myth and legend the peacock has long carried portents of nobility, guidance and good luck. This latest piece is a symbol of the beauty that can be achieved when only the very finest diamonds are assembled into a piece of unrivalled elegance.

Graff Diamonds has been involved in TEFAF Maastricht since 2001 where it has unveiled some of the most fabulous jewels in the world, including The Gemini Yellows, a pair of  50+ carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond earrings and the Flame, an incredible D Flawlesss pearshape diamond of exactly 100 carats.