Graff opens in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, Hong Kong

2nd August 2012

Graff Diamonds is proud to announce the opening of its second store in Hong Kong at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Located at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong, the latest gem in Graff’s global list of stores has the cachet of making history as the “highest jewellery store in the world”. Opening at the end of August on the 103rd floor, Graff’s latest store will feature completely new design elements from world-renowned architect Peter Marino, and finished to the height of luxury with sumptuous yet modern interiors, creating the feel of an intimate jewel box in the sky.

New design elements include highly polished gold-hued bronze and special showcases throughout the store featuring parquetry techniques intertwining wood, gold bronze and brass in intricate geometric motifs. A new design element, now signature to all of Graff’s newest stores opening throughout Asia, is the addition of a mesmerising chandelier of multicoloured glass spheres, stretched spectacularly across the entire length of the store, creating a breathtaking horizontal ceiling of subtle colour. Elegant gold-hued vitrines, designed specifically for the space with faceted edges resonating the facets of diamonds, embrace stunning displays of Graff’s incredible gems. One particularly significant showcase, designed by French artist André Dubreuil, welcomes guests at the entrance to the store. Specially commissioned for the space, this centrepiece is a stunning mix of enamel and bronze, reflecting the colours found throughout the rest of the store. Mirrored ceilings, walls with fluted wood trim, and an opulent green marble floor designed with dramatic stripes of contrasting white and grey marble complete the luxurious interiors. Graff’s signature fishscale motif punctuates the façade of the store, enticing visitors into a world of rare beauty, high above in the famous skyline of Hong Kong.